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Oracle Cocobolo

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Thirty-eight new layers of lacquer encapsulate its majestic plinth made of rare, vintage cocobolo wood.  Sadly, this scarce timber is now found only sparingly in the tropical forests of Central America.  Fortunately, the proud owner of this Oracle put his trust in our experience to restore this fine table from a diminishing, decrepit state.  Now the plinth practically glows and the alloys have returned to a level that has quite possibly exceeded its virgin splendor. 

Fine audio, like fine vintage automobiles, use only the best materials to express their mechanical greatness in their physical presence, this is no acceptation!  As you will see from the detailed series of photos, this is a beautiful example of what is possible when the real professionals are called in.

Please call or email for price quotes in regards to having your own table restored to this standard of beauty and excellence.

When your table leaves our hands, it will far exceed its original beauty as well as performance.