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CD 1000 Transport

Our special power supply section is designed in such a way that each major element will have its own dedicated primary and secondary electrical supply.Each transformer is encapsulated in a special epoxy to further reduce vibration.There is a dedicated transformer for the drive engine and command functions and a second dedicated to the digital to analogue converter. The line signal is filtered prior to arriving at an EI transformer that is immune to electrical pollution. Both primary and secondary supplies are magnetically shielded by a galvanized screen thereby eliminating any pollution in this domain. The main power supply housing also provides efficient shielding against radiated pollutants. The secondary supplies to the toroidal transformer used by thedigital to analogue converter are individually rectified through soft recovery rectifier circuit and capacitors in a PI network thus increasing filtering efficiency. This means all electrical signals going to the player are completely free from external pollution.

Only DC signals enter the command module where all necessery voltage regulations are located.This command center controls and directs the signal to each critical element. Also located here are the fluorescent display,infra-red receiver for the remote control and the mechanically operated function selector switches. This separate command module also provides further very effective shielding due to its complete isolation from other keys elements.


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Cd Transport Specifications Value
Connector BNC
Load Impediance 75 Ohms
Output Impediance 75 Ohms
Output Level 0.5 Volts. Peak to Peak @ 75 Ohms load
AES Specifications Value
Load Impediance 110 Ohms
Output Impediance 110 Ohms
Output Level 4 volts, peak to peak @ 110 ohms load
ST Optical Audio Signal Value
Standard ST optical interface ( glass optical )
Device HP HFBR 1412, High Bandwitdh
Wave length 820 nm