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Here at KR Audio Products our number-one goal is customer satisfaction!

After a decade of selling high-end audio, we have learned a thing or two about the business.  We have sought out the very best quality audio tubes and some of the best amplifiers made in the world today, but it doesn't end there.  We are committed to delivering our products at the best possible prices in the world, and naturally, we offer our customers unparalleled post-purchase support on everything that we sell.  KR Audio Products is the natural choice for any discerning audiophile looking for high-end audio from a reputable, experienced seller.

Why KR Tubes?

Is it possible to buy less expensive audio tubes than KR tubes?  Without question!

But to truly respect the KR brand, you must ask yourself the all important question: Do you want an audio tube that is entirely hand made from start to finish by European craftsmen, or do you prefer to buy less expensive audio tubes made in eastern mass-production factories?   

KR tubes are crafted by artisans who have been making audio tubes for years, in some cases,  second and third generation tube makers. Mass-produced tubes are are quickly assembled with the same quality control measures set for running shoe production.  Workers who have no idea, nor interest in how an audio tube is suppose to sound simply cannot produce the excellence that KR Audio has been making since the 1920s. 

Which tube do you want in the amplifier you just spent thousands of dollars on?   We will leave it to you, the customer, to make that all important decision.


Occasionally we take in some our high-end audio components as partial trades or consignment's which are placed in our clearance section or sold though a vast community of audiophiles and collectors.

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